Stormy Situation

Fallen Tree on BC3 Main Campus

As you know, remnants from Hurricane Ike travelled to Butler County Sunday evening.  BC3’s main campus was bit especially hard, while our off-campus locations were spared.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, Director of Operations Brian Opitz notified me that there was damage to BC3’s main campus.

Debris – mostly from trees – littered our grounds.  Roadways and sidewalks were unable to accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic for Monday classes. 

The Social Sciences Building was hit with a large Oak tree that stood between the Humanities and Social Sciences Buildings.  The tree damaged the roof on the Social Sciences building as well as room 114.  Although the College never lost power for an extended period of time, we experienced approximately a dozen interruptions Sunday night into Monday morning.  This adversely impacted our IT Department. 

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, I made the decision to close the College.  This was then communicated through media outlets, and our BC3 Alerts emergency message system (which texted and emailed BC3’s closing at 11:53 p.m. on Sunday). 

Our staff in IT, maintenance and police responded quickly.  Through their tireless efforts, I am pleased and proud to say the College is safe and “up and running” for Tuesday classes.  This, of course, includes the entire Social Sciences Building. 

As a reminder, visit and register for the BC3 Alerts emergency message system if you have not already done so. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

2 Responses to Stormy Situation

  1. Mike Robinson says:

    Many thanks go out to all those College personnel that met the challenge of the storm’s damage to our beautiful campus. Given the extent of the damage across our area, we are blessed to have such dedicated colleagues who worked hard to get classes back in session for Tuesday. Perhaps they could be consultants for the utility companies who are still struggling 5 days later to restore power to businesses and consumers.

    I am also proud of how many students who had no power at home showed up to class on Tuesday. It would have been “easy” just to stay home, but most made the effort to make it in.

    This is also a gentle but vivid reminder to “be prepared”. Although we do not live on the Gulf Coast or on a major earthquake fault, we are not immune from natural distasters. Power interruptions are always a threat and every household needs to be prepared to “tough it out” for a few days. Take some time to go on-line (ie., Red Cross — and read about disaster preparedness. It’s not just about having a flshlight and some batteries!

    Be safe out there!

  2. Nick Neupauer says:

    Thanks, Professor Robinson — I appreciate your fine comments. I agree — there is a lesson-to-be-learned here, too.

    Take care — Nick

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