BC3 Help Line

This post is by guest blogger, John Kearney, Vice President of Student Services at BC3.

It’s hard to believe its already past midterm for the fall 2008 semester.  I hope that your classes are going well and that you are enjoying the early fall weather on our beautiful campus. 

It’s perfect weather for taking a walk at BC3.  On my walks, I can’t help but notice all of the activity at the construction site for the new Student Success Center.  The project is on schedule with most of the walls up and most of the building under a roof now.

The new building sits on a road that used to cut through the center of campus.  Now that the road is closed, it’s safer to take a walk through our vehicle-free inner campus.  Safety is a concern at all college campuses, so look before you walk and at BC3 you need to watch out for those falling acorns too!

Speaking of safety, there is a new BC3 Help Line that you can use to help our campus become an even safer place to learn.  We want you to “Tell Somebody” if you hear anyone say that they intend to harm themself or someone else.  For emergency situations that call for immediate response, you should dial 911; however, if you have a non-emergency situation that can be investigated, call the confidential BC3 Help Line at 724-287-8711, ext. 8450 during business hours.  Information provided through the Help Line will be used by a specially trained group of people who will assess the situation and decide how to take appropriate action.  Whether you call 911 for an emergency or the BC3 Help Line, the important thing for you to do is to “Tell Somebody.”

Good luck with the second half of the semester and keep your eye on the Student Success Center construction site.  The building is scheduled for completion in May or June 2009.  There will be a lot to look at.

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