A Challenge

On Wednesday, January 21, I met with my Introduction to Public Relations class for the first time this semester.  Twelve eager BC3 students listened closely as we discussed the course outline and expectations.

One of the assignments requires students to bring in a current event from any print media for discussion.  When asked “how many of you read a newspaper at some point during the week?” I was pleasantly surpised when about half of the students raised their hand.  Normally, only one or two students respond.

The Internet is a wonderful way to seek information (as are blogs like this one), but nothing beats the old-fashion, tangible feel of a daily newspaper. 

I challenge each of you to read the newspaper.  Then, compare it with other media such as the Internet, TV and radio.  See if the news angle is consistent and analyze the depth of reporting. 

Enjoy your second week of classes.  And, of course, GO STEELERS!

4 Responses to A Challenge

  1. Nathan Geisler 06' grad says:

    Here we go Steelers, here we go. Hello Dr. Neupauer, How are you during? Life is pretty good after the Steelers win the Super Bowl! Just writing to say thank you with your help with the Intro to PR I took back in Spring 2006. That class was my first step in PR and sports. After I graduated from BC3, I transfered to Slippery Rock University and I worked in the Sports Information Office. I graduated last December 08 with a B.S. degree in Communication: Public Relations. I am now working with IWFL Pittsburgh Passion (women’s football team) who are playing their games at North Allegeny High school this year. They are one of the top five teams in the country in women’s football. I am also working with the Slippery Rock Sliders (a new Prospect league for college players). They will play at SRU Jack Critchfield Park this summer. After taking your Intro to PR and other PR classes at SRU, I applied my knowledge, skills, and other tools to help me with my jobs I have in sports. Hope all is well and have a super day. Thanks, Nathan Geisler

  2. Chelle says:

    That is a great challenge I should try to take up. I often scan the headlines on the Post Gazette and other news sites, but so rarely do I actually pick up a copy and sit and read it. It definitely does give a different perspective on the news.

  3. President Neupauer says:

    Nate — thanks for the email!! I am very proud of you. Your BC3 education is paying off. Please keep up the great work and stay in touch.

    Best wishes — Dr. Neupauer

  4. President Neupauer says:

    Chelle — thanks for taking-up the challenge! Let me know what you think when you read an “old-fashioned” print newspaper.

    Best wishes — Dr. Neupauer

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