Top 10 List

We have one week of classes in the books!  Last week went off without a hitch.  It was so nice to see students on all of our campuses. 

When I started college, I received advise from many individuals.  So… if you would, please allow me to provide some advice for you.

Here’s my Top Ten suggestion list for achieving student success:

10. Don’t forget a notebook and pen.
How can you take class notes without them?

9. Pioneer Pride.
Don your blue and white BC3 garb.  Everyone loves school spirit.

8. Read, read, read.
Those assignments are on the syllabus for a reason.  Don’t fall behind.

7. Arrive on time.
Nothing bugs a professor more than tardy students.

6. Study in between classes.
If you have a break between classes, hit the books.  You’ll be amazed: no all-nighters to cram for a test.

5. Find a study partner.
Tag teaming with a study buddy helps increase your chances for better grades.

4. Get to know your professor.
If there is a break to be had, you increase the chances if the professor knows you.

3. Visit your professors during office hours.
Not only will your professors get to know you, you pick the brain of the experts.

2. Turn off your cell phone!
The texting can wait until after class.

1. Don’t miss class.
Not only did you pay for it, your brain will reap the benefits.

4 Responses to Top 10 List

  1. Nick Neupauer says:

    Dear students, care to add any other tips?

    Thanks — President Neupauer

  2. Kris Britt says:

    1. Study a little every night – don’t leave all the information until right before a test.

    2. Use all of the information provided to you….books, study guides, Powerpoints, book sites, etc.

    3. Have a little down time with your friends…but then get back to studying.

    4. Ask a friend to quiz you before a test.

    5. Bring your book with you to class…yeah I know it’s heavy but I’m 49 and if I can do it, you can too!

    6. Write down things you can’t remember – use index cards and quiz yourself. Eliminate the card if you know it…if not, keep the card and try them all again.

    6. Get enough sleep!

  3. Nick Neupauer says:

    Thanks, Kris — great response!

  4. Pattie Bajuszik says:

    Use the services that BC3 has to offer:
    1. Tutoring — they make it to fit your schedule and its free.
    2. Take advantage of the new Student Success Center’s study rooms. Some are dedicated for subjects like Anatomy and Physiology. Don’t reinvent the wheel if we already made one for you.

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