Being Thankful

It’s the night before the big walk and a lot of thoughts are running through my head. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I’m most focused on being thankful.

I am thankful for my upbringing, my family and my role leading Butler County Community College. Now, more than ever, affordable, accessible and quality education is paramount.

So is this walk – “a walk for our students.”

The BC3 Education Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise money to benefit our wonderful students. Whether it be scholarships, equipment or even the expansion of our LindenPointe location in Hermitage, our Foundation’s role is crucial in our success as an institution of higher learning.

I am thankful that the first phase of our Annual Campaign surpassed the $25,000 goal I established for my walk. I hope I get a good night’s sleep and can make the long journey to our Main Campus.

3 Responses to Being Thankful

  1. Judith Wadding says:

    Wonderful job and what a great example you set for everyone at BC3 – students and staff. That was a beautiful lady that started walking with you. How far did she go? (I knew that it was Tammy) Get support system. I had a class or I would have been out there welcoming you. GREAT JOB, Nitro!

  2. Nick Neupauer says:

    Thanks, Professor Wadding! The first lady went a little over four miles. It was a wonderul day for the College and our students.

  3. msafi says:

    Congratz on all your blessings. Hope that 2010 will prove just as beneficial for you.

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