Recap: Pizza w/the President

BC3 @ LindenPointe students with President Neupauer and Senator Bob Robbins.

I had a great time at the “Pizza with the President” events this month. I traveled to BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing, BC3 @ Cranberry, and BC3 @ LindenPointe and learned a lot from the students that attended.

The events provided a forum for students and faculty to gather, eat pizza, and have an open discussion about their experiences at BC3. I was able to gather tremendous feeback on ways we can make BC3 even better.

Students had the chance to meet with some local representatives. Senator Bob Robbins was nice enough to meet with several students at LindenPointe, while Representative Christ Sainato did the same a Lawrence Crossing. Both were equally impressed with the diverse students and thier personal stories.

I also had the opportunity to speak with students about the importance of the Advance PA campaign. In all, over 150 students attended and signed the petition.

As one of Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges, BC3 has combined efforts to advocate the role and mission of community colleges to the citizens of our great Commonwealth. You can help too by signing the online petition.

Thanks to everyone that attended the “Pizza with the President” events. Your voices were heard!

For more photos of the events, visit BC3’s Flickr Photostream.

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