Governor’s proposed budget

By now, you have undoubtedly heard the grim details of Governor Corbett’s proposed budget. Faced with the task of a $4 billion deficit, the Governor has projected difficult cuts. At the brunt of a large portion of the cuts is education.

The Community College proposed operating allocation is to go from $235.741 million in 2010-11 (which included Federal stimulus monies) to $212.167 million for 2011-12 – a decrease of 10% in operating funds. However, other line items that relate to the Community Colleges have either been reduced or eliminated.

A proposed 10% cut in operating funds from the Commonwealth translates into a loss of $843, 707 for Butler County Community College. We are still evaluating the impact of potential losses from the other budget line items.

One Response to Governor’s proposed budget

  1. 1 school can make some noise, 18 can make a senate chamber shake.
    Join the Cause:

    Sign the official Petition (for ALL schools):
    (If you have problems, e-mail with what happened when you tried to sign the petition. We’re working out the kinks.)

    On March 8th, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his budget proposal, suggesting that public funding for state related schools be cut IN HALF.

    College is difficult enough to pay for and Corbett is setting up tuition increases!

    *University of Pittsburgh’s Funding will go from 160.5 Million to $80.2 Million
    *Penn State’s funding $334 Million down to a measly $165 Million.
    *Temple University’s reduction: $178.5 million down to $82.487 million

    Not to mention the cuts to the other 14 affected Universities.

    This budget is not final however, and must be approved by Harrisburg before its put into action. So:

    Join us in telling Harrisburg “This Is UNACCEPTABLE”

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