Weather Issues & Safety

IMG_0885What a semester! I can’t recall a time during my 20 years in higher education that weather has been such an issue. I’d like to provide you with a “snapshot” of what Brian Opitz, Executive Director of Operations, and I analyze when weather comes into play.

Yesterday’s storm was unique with ice, snow, and then more ice. Conditions of roads to and from our five campus locations are something we consider. Yesterday, the satisfactory clearing of parking lots at our BC3 location and, of course, sidewalks, was the biggest issue. Plus, students, faculty and staff had problems with their own driveways.

Of course, no two storms are alike. Other variables we take into consideration are:

High Winds
This is especially the case for our main campus with all of the trees.

Sub-Zero Temperatures
Not just for walking for our staff and students, but for the operation of vehicles to and from all BC3 locations.

Facility Issues
Making sure the heat is operating, pipes aren’t frozen, etc.

Decatur Drive
This road leads to our main campus. Decatur Drive is State maintained and not always serviced. With one of recent closings, this road was in poor shape.

Timing of the Storm
If a storm stops by 4:00 a.m., our maintenance staff can get main campus up and running. Services are contracted at our other locations. We try to get the weather-related messages out as early as possible. However, if a last-minute decision is made, it is because of an immediate change in weather conditions.

Weather at All BC3 Locations
Butler weather is different than Cranberry, New Castle, Hermitage and certainly Brockway. We do have the capability to delay or close specific campus locations. Our PR department notifies media in each market to broadcast closings or delays.

The aforementioned is not an exhaustive list. We actually talked about closing the main campus on a Saturday a few years back because a bear was spotted roaming the grounds! We have been emphasizing safety at BC3 for several years now. Weather-related decisions are, above all, made for the safety of our students, faculty and staff.

Please join me in thanking our maintenance and operations staff for their dedication in keeping our main campus safe. They work all hours of the morning, day and night.

Please comment below with your questions or concerns.

2 Responses to Weather Issues & Safety

  1. Melissa Shay says:

    Thank you BC3 Maintenance & Operations Staff. Your the first one’s there. Thanks for your hard work. Melissa Shay

  2. As much as young kids enjoy when school closed, as an Adult in College each day it closes puts you farher behind. Thank you and the staff for keeping that at minimum.

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