Above and Beyond

Forgive me, please!!!IMG_8138

It has been way too long since I wrote a blog entry as BC3’s proud president. And to make matters even worse, the subject of my latest blog is from an event that took place on May 1!

On May 1, the College recognized recent retirees, past retirees, years of service and recipients of a new award – the “Above and Beyond Award.”

Over 130 people attended the event held in Founder’s Hall. Susan Changnon, our Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, did her usual fantastic job of introducing the honorees. A video interview of most who were being recognized brought laughter and even some tears.

The debut of our new award needs little explanation. In this day in age with higher education cuts, layoffs, retrenchments, mergers, etc., BC3 has continued to flourish by asking people to do more with less. In other words, we have asked our faculty, staff and employees to go “above and beyond.”

Many individuals were nominated, but our first winners were most deserving. Barry Pallone, maintenance support, and the entire College Business Services staff of Nicole Barnes, Dottie Los and Amanda Fleming were great selections.

All in all, the event sure made us Pioneer Proud. Writing about it a month and a half later can’t change that fact! Head over to the President’s Photo Gallery to view photos of this event.

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