Top 10 List: Giving Thanks

Greeting and happy end-of-the-semester! Can you believe we’re already heading into the winter break?

Just coming off Thanksgiving, I certainly counted my blessings. The following is my Top 10 “Giving Thanks List.” Please share yours with me in the comments!

#10 – An early morning walk with our pooch, Mika. Although she is slowing down a bit, I can clear my head and solve the world’s problems during our 40 to 50 minute trots.

#9 – Our beautiful main campus. I can’t tell you how often people comment on the beauty of the 330-acres.

#8 – Our regional approach to higher education. Questioned by some early in my tenure as President, our off-campus locations and the staff members are an important part of BC3. Thanks to all of those who make these locations so successful.

#7 – Remaining in the classroom. I am excited to teach Public Relations (COMM 230) again this spring!

#6 – The Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges and my colleague Presidents. Pennsylvania is blessed to have 14 terrific community colleges supported by the Commission.

#5 – Being near immediate family. It is wonderful to be with them during holidays, birthdays, and other special events. This was something we missed when living in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

#4 – A great Board of Trustees and a terrific BC3 Education Foundation Board of Directors. Their expertise and support could never be recognized enough.

#3 – Our faculty and staff. Simply put: dedicated and true blue Pioneer Proud.

#2 РOur students. Simply put: dedicated and appreciative of our affordable, accessible, and quality education.

#1 – An amazing, supportive, and healthy family at home. Tammy, my wife; Paige, a former BC3 student who is now at IUP; and Meredith, a junior at Slippery Rock High School.

Happy Holidays!

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