Giving Thanks

Hello, Pioneers!

Last year, I shared a Top 10 List of Giving Thanks. In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, here is my 2015 List.

10. Our Alumni Association.
Established in 1997, this fine group of BC3 grads is always supportive.

9. Our Degree Completion Partners.
Unique; innovative; and tens of thousands of dollars saved. The College’s Degree Completion Partners are making bachelor’s degrees possible at BC3.

8. The Rho Phi Chapter of BC3’s Phi Theta Kappa.
The College’s oldest student club, originated in 1968.

7. The communities we serve.
After all, “Community” is BC3’s middle name.

6. Our athletic teams.
Tradition-rich — make room for more championship banners to be hung in the Field House.

5. President’s Cabinet.
I am blessed to be surrounded by such intelligent, dedicated professionals.

4. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
Going through the self-study process for accreditation is making us a better college. Thanks to self-study co-chairs Alex Gladis and Sherri Mack!

3. Student Scholarships.
Over $280,000 awarded to our wonderful students this academic year alone.

2. Pioneer Proud Campaign.
Thanks to all of those who have given. Over $5 million already pledged.

1. Our veteran students.
Recognized again as a Military Friendly School by Victory Media, our veterans can never be thanked enough. Flag 5

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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