Top 10 reasons Why I Love Summer

Hope you are having a terrific summer. Hard to believe the calendar already reads mid-July.
Because I’ve received positive feedback on previous Top 10 lists posted in this blog, here are the “Top 10 reasons Why I Love Summer.”

10. Daylight past 9 p.m. 
Funny thing is, I am still asleep before dark.

9. Leisurely walks with my wife, Tammy, and our 9-year-old mutt, Mika.
Not sure who walks slower … me or the dog.

8. Family picnics.
Fourth of July at my mother’s in Ellwood City is a long-standing tradition.

7. Our family vacation.
This year was Punta Cana.

6. RegFest.
Nothing better than seeing new students register for classes at all of our BC3 locations.

5. Being with colleagues at the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges Annual Presidents’ Retreat.
This summer’s will be held at Northampton County Community College.

4. Kids on Campus.
A long-standing hit on our Main Campus.

3. Baseball.
“The Bucs are going all the way… all the way this year!”

2. Training Camp at Latrobe.
Mark it down, a seventh world title for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2016 season.

And the No. 1 reason “Why I Love Summer…”

The Neupauer family is all under one roof.
Paige and Meredith, both former BC3 students, will be leaving for Indiana University of Pennsylvania in late August.

Please list the reasons you love summer.


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