Happy summer!

June 20, 2017

Wait a second … as I look to my calendar, the first day of summer hasn’t even hit yet. It is June 21. In reality, things haven’t slowed much at the College since Commencement on May 17.

Summer sessions are filled with our students and visiting students from other colleges and universities. It is not too late to sign up for credit classes if you are still interested. The Kids on Campus program will kick off on June 26 and runs through August 10. The program is another example of BC3 serving as the “community’s college.”

But, above all, I hope our dedicated faculty, staff and students get to enjoy rest and relaxation this summer. Life seems busier now than ever before. Connected 24-7 to the job or school work can take a toll. The significance of “away time” could never be emphasized enough. Doing so with family and friends is icing on the cake.

Our family vacation will be to Sandbridge, VA. Afterwards, my mother and her husband will host an annual Independence Day Celebration. I am looking forward to both.

Enjoy your summer.