Remembering Friends and Neighbors


BC3 Commencement, Spring 2018. Pictured (left to right) Lucille Shapiro, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Case Willoughby, and President Nick Neupauer

A couple of weeks back, the College lost a true friend, and legend – Lucille Shapiro.

Lucille was one of the early graduates of Butler County Community College and the loving wife of Dr. Louis Shapiro. The couple raised Rob, Beth and Leslie in a warm, caring Jewish household in Butler. Today, Lucille and Lou’s grandchildren are spread throughout the United States and carry forward their grandparents’ integrity, work ethic and spirit.

Lucille was proud to be a board member of the BC3 Education Foundation Inc., a founder of our Alumni Council and a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College she so dearly loved and served. People still talk about her incredible Commencement speech in 2018. When she concluded, our graduates immediately jumped to their feet with a standing ovation. The rest of the crowd in the Field House quickly joined in.

I’ve had many proud moments over the past 12 years as president of this College. Among my most treasured are the many hours spent with Lucille and Lou. They provided sound advice, counsel and – above all – unwavering love for my family and me.

My wife and I visited with my mother Saturday. She welcomed us with the breaking, and heart-breaking news of the Tree of Life synagogue shootings in Squirrel Hill.

“That is Lucille and Lou’s synagogue,” I thought immediately.

I remembered the Shapiros talking about the beauty and grace of the synagogue and of its members.

The emotional pain in my heart, and in the hearts of many others at the College, hasn’t subsided since our friend Lucille’s passing. It has only increased since the deaths of the Shapiros’ friends on Saturday.

Our hearts go out to the Tree of Life community and to all of our Jewish friends and neighbors.

2 Responses to Remembering Friends and Neighbors

  1. Mary Schlagek says:

    My heart and prayers are with the Shapiro family and those touched by this tragedy. Prayers to all.

  2. Leslie says:

    Thank you, Nick. My mom loved BC3 and you so very much.

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