Remembering Ray Steffler

It is with a heavy heart that I state the following:

Longtime Butler County Community College Board Chair Ray D. Steffler passed away Feb. 16, 2019.

Ray’s life was dedicated to his dear alma mater, BC3. He served on the board of trustees since 1985, the final 20 as its chair. The only thing he loved more than the college was his family.

Ray witnessed a near-closing of the college in the early 1990s to our recent success as Pennsylvania’s two-time No. 1 community college. His wisdom, confidence and support never wavered, in good times or in bad.

His quotes were legendary – words to live by. They included:

“This ain’t my first rodeo.”

“Take the high road.”

“Pioneer Proud.”

I was proud when Ray led a board of trustees that unanimously appointed me as the eighth president of BC3 in 2007. I beamed with pride when we announced the Ray D. Steffler Board Room in the Science & Technology Building in 2013, and was even more proud when our Alumni Association named Ray, along with Lucille Shapiro, who passed away in October 2018, as Distinguished Alumni in 2017.

The legacy of Ray will outlast us all – as well it should.

No one dedicated his or her life to BC3 like Ray did.

Rest in peace, Mr. Chairman.

Job well done.

Read more about Ray’s legacy here:

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