Our trustees beam over grads’ bright futures

Brian McCafferty noticed the graduates’ smiles.

Jennifer Pullar? A female graduate crossing the stage in rainbow stilettoes, and a male graduate, in brightly colored yellow tennis shoes.

Nancy Staible? A longtime friend receiving her long-awaited associate degree.

And Kim Geyer? The blessings BC3 brings to its communities.

BC3 graduates were all smiles after crossing the stage in the Field House during commencement.

I could not agree more with BC3 Trustees Brian, Jennifer, Nancy and Kim, and the 11 other board members inspired by BC3’s largest graduating class of the century at 599, and its 2019 commencement exercises May 15.

Our board of trustees – which also includes Joe Kubit, Glenn Miller, Scott McDowell, Ken DeFurio, Dr. William DiCuccio, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Gail Paserba, Dr. Bruce Russell, Carmine Scotece and Joe Taylor – provide direction and guidance to BC3’s president and its administration.

And they love the direction that BC3 – whose past three graduating classes have been largest since 2000 – and its graduates are headed.

Brian watched as every graduate headed toward the ramp leading to the stage inside BC3’s Field House during commencement.

“Some smiling, some nervous, some confident, some almost stoic,” he said.

When his or her name was announced to the overflow crowd, “Every student was beaming,” Brian said. “That is why we all do what we do all through the year. All of us working together.”

After Michelle Whalen’s name was announced, I handed a diploma to the grandmother Nancy has known for at least 25 years.

“I was able to catch her eye,” Nancy said, “and give her a thumbs-up.”

Graduates look to their futures following BC3 Commencement exercises on May 15th.

Joe Kubit said it is “truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an amazing group of people who are doing amazing things. Most importantly, shaping lives.”

Outside the Field House, blue and white stringed lights hugged oak tree after oak tree, illuminating the paths crisscrossing campus and the futures into which our graduates now walk — with or without rainbow stilettoes or brightly colored yellow tennis shoes.

“We are blessed,” Kim said, “to play a part in the journey of so many students’ lives.”

Always and forever #PioneerProud.

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