BC3 flourishes in a changing world

It’s been seven weeks since our college responded to the COVID-19 situation. We did so keeping the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors to our BC3 locations at the forefront of our decisions.  

Since March 11, not only has the college changed, but so has the world around us. Work-from-home, remote instruction, social distancing and mitigation strategies have become regular parts of our vocabulary. An eagerness to return to normal – a new normal – is on everyone’s mind.  

Each day, I connect with statewide leaders. Safety, of course, is paramount in these discussions. But strategies to lead institutions of higher education forward are also shared, critiqued and evaluated.  

BC3 has moved to remote instruction for the summer. Our work-from-home model is still intact for the immediate future. We are exploring options for a creative 2020 Commencement. Faculty and administration are sharing ideas on how to shape the fall of 2020 for our students.  

While there are still many unknowns for the future, one constant each and every day is the fact BC3 still shines – regardless of COVID-19 constraints.   

Our Shaffer Walking Trail has never been more popular.  

Our college’s Pioneer Pantry addresses food insecurity as referenced in our strategic plan.  

Our Presidential Scholars excelled Tuesday in a virtual poster presentation.  

Our prospective students can learn more about BC3 during an upcoming Virtual Open House.

Our current students are still the beneficiaries of quality instruction from outstanding faculty.  

Our commitment to supporting our community was exemplified through a recent donation of PPE to local healthcare providers.

And our local and statewide outreach is vast with various college representatives continuing their services on boards, through volunteer efforts and in quality of life and economic development initiatives.  

I will be sure to share plans for the future of our college. In the meantime, I sincerely hope you and your family are safe and secure. I truly hope to see you soon at one of our BC3 locations!  

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