My No. 1 reason to give thanks in 2020? Easy one!

I’ve been at this blog since the early days of my presidency.

I’ve enjoyed writing it. Brings back memories of when I was a sports columnist many years ago.

My favorite opinion pieces back then were the ones in which I wrote an easy-to-read list, a Top 10 List.

My lists were much like late-night TV host David Letterman’s Top 10s. (Remember them? Remember him?)

One of my favorite Top 10 columns was written in 1991 prior to Super Bowl XXV between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants. It was headlined, “Top 10 reasons why I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.”

No. 1 on that Top 10 list was “one man’s tribute to the greatest football team to ever take the gridiron – the Pittsburgh Steelers.” Those Steelers are still proving to be great with a 9-0 record some 29 years later. 

I’ve used this blog around Thanksgiving to provide a “Top 10 reasons to give thanks” list as president of Butler County Community College. I’ve enjoyed contemplating these reasons every fall.

But this year, no list.

No countdown to No. 1.

In 2020, there is only one entry:

I give great thanks to the faculty, staff and students of BC3.

I am humbled by your dedication. Like true Pioneers, you never wavered from the goal of providing or attaining a quality education. Neither time, nor space nor a virus can prevent your laser-like focus.

These Pioneers are committed to safety. These Pioneers support the steps the college has taken to ensure our physical and mental well-being, and the safety of all our BC3 locations.

Steelers head coach Chuck Noll used to say, “Whatever it takes.” His teams would do “whatever it takes” on their way to claiming four Super Bowls in six years beginning in 1975. No obstacle too big, no adversity insurmountable.

The same is true of the faculty, staff and students of our five-time No. 1-ranked community college. Please know I thank each and every one of you this holiday season.

Have a safe and restful Thanksgiving.

Forever Pioneer Proud!   

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