Weather Issues & Safety

February 6, 2014

IMG_0885What a semester! I can’t recall a time during my 20 years in higher education that weather has been such an issue. I’d like to provide you with a “snapshot” of what Brian Opitz, Executive Director of Operations, and I analyze when weather comes into play.

Yesterday’s storm was unique with ice, snow, and then more ice. Conditions of roads to and from our five campus locations are something we consider. Yesterday, the satisfactory clearing of parking lots at our BC3 location and, of course, sidewalks, was the biggest issue. Plus, students, faculty and staff had problems with their own driveways.

Of course, no two storms are alike. Other variables we take into consideration are: Read the rest of this entry »

Holiday Break

December 20, 2011

Halftime of the Steeler game. Still have faith despite being down 6-0. The thing I dislike about Monday Night games is how long they last. And this one was delayed two times with the lights going out in San Francisco. The morning will come way too soon.

Although the Fall semester ended a couple of weeks ago, administrators and staff are still hard at work. All in all, it was a good semester. But a break is much needed.

If we can head into our holiday break with a Steeler win, it would be just dandy!

To the dedicated BC3 faculty, staff, and of course, students – Happy Holidays!

Snow, snow, and more snow!

February 18, 2010

Snow covered trees on BC3 Main Campus

Snow, snow, and more snow! Hope you are surviving what will end up being the snowiest month in the history of Western Pennsylvania.

Decisions to delay, close and/or keep open our BC3 locations is something we take seriously. The process starts as storm possibilities hit the media. I communicate with the Director of Operations, Brian Optiz, as we track the storm. Phone calls, emails, texts and meetings with Brian also include other members of the BC3 administrative team. Much of our work takes place as early as 4:30 a.m. Read the rest of this entry »